Your love Story,
told in Light.

There is a certain light that is emitted only by love. A gaze from our eyes, words from our lips, a brightness from our souls.

The light of love illuminates our lives.

To feel it is a blessing.
To capture it is an art.

Lumin Amore Photography is a portrait and wedding photography studio based near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (“Lumin Amore” means “The Light of Love” in Italian.) We take inspiration from Italian renaissance artists, viewing photography as "drawing with light''.

We assist in planning how photography and videography will fit into your busy wedding day and recommend ways to display and preserve those once-in-a-lifetime moments with unique signature albums and classic, museum-quality photo-artwork that can inspire your family generations to come.

Choosing a photographer is one of the MOST important choices when planning a wedding. The way your photographer sees with their camera will help you remember your wedding many decades from now.

Make history on your wedding day.

After the wedding, many couples remember the occasion by ordering a few quick-quality prints and an online color copy-grade album, only to toss the flash drive, that contains hundreds of beautiful wedding photos, into a drawer to be forgotten. Don’t let this happen to your wedding memories!

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